Andrius Arutiunian. Incantations

CTM Radio Lab
Production: Deutschlandfunk Kultur/CTM Festival/ORF Kunstradio/Goethe-Institut 2022
Duration: 52’00

essay by Daniel Muzyczuk. LISTENING STOCK

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text published together with the first performance of “Listening Stock” by Arturas Bumšteinas, December’21, Vilnius.

Design by Aurelija Slapšytė
Photos by Tomas Terekas

music film
artist portrait. single note music.


Rytis Mažulis: „Autoportretas“ (2018), „Begarsis“ (2018), „Ramybė“ (1992), „Nedum Capillos“ (2018).

Producer: New Vocal Music Collective Melos
Sponsor: Lithuanian Council for Culture
Friend: Dūmų fabrikas
Video: Ilmė Vyšniauskaitė, Kristijonas Dirsė

Minimal Voices

In 2020 the vocal ensemble released the very first album – “Minimal Voices” – which presents works of Lithuanian composers Rytis Mažulis, Agnė Mažulienė, Karolina Kapustaitė and Dominykas Digimas. Most of the compositions on the album were commissioned by Melos.

  • Dominykas Digimas – Oscillations
  • Rytis Mažulis – Self-portrait
  • Agnė Mažulienė – On That Path
  • Rytis Mažulis – How Could I Possibly Know That?..
  • Karolina Kapustaitė – This Is About Our Body Heat
  • Rytis Mažulis – Tranquillity